Thursday, February 26, 2009

Genealogy To-Do List

When you are doing family research in one particular area, do you think of things that might need to be done in another? Do you then jump from the task at hand to the one that you just thought about – maybe because it appears to be more interesting than the one you are currently doing? Or do you say to yourself, I’ll do that later and then forget about it?

Getting the most out of your genealogy research requires organization. Failure to organize can result in poor use of your time as well as missed opportunities. Having a Genealogy To-Do List can enhance your genealogy research efforts and should be part of your genealogy research toolkit.

For an interesting article on this subject, check out Darlene Vaillancourt’s article “Managing Genealogy Research – Keep a To-Do List to Organize Your Family Tree Studies.” You can find the article by copying and pasting the following URL into your web browser: <>

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