Monday, May 4, 2009

Split and/or Merge PDF documents

When doing genealogy research on the Internet, records and information are frequently available for downloading as PDF files. These PDF files often consist of multiple pages – some of which are of little or no interest. In other cases, records and information to be downloaded are in groups of PDF files for which there may be a desire to end up with only a single PDF file.

For Windows users the solution is only a download away. The basic version of “PDF Split and Merge” allows the splitting of large PDF files into smaller parts and the merging of multiple PDF files into a single file. The basic version is free. Although there is an almost-free enhanced version that has more features, the basic version should cover most needs.

PDF Split and Merge” is available for downloading at the following URL:


Select “Win32 Installer” located under “Download, Basic, pdfsam basic 1.1.2." Click on "Save" at the bottom of the subsequent screen. The software will be downloaded automatically to your computer (to wherever your downloads are saved). Next you will need install the software.

A tutorial on how to use the software is included as part of the download.

Note: It may be necessary to uncheck the box “Compress output file/files” to successfully perform both separation and merge operations.

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  1. Here's a suggestion: why not try pdf compression? If you are posting online for download, may I suggest that you try to compress pdf files to reduce upload/download time instead of merging and slitting only. It works best if you are dealing with scanned documents wrapped in PDF and the compression rates are quite incredible while maintaining image quality. Hope this helps!

    Check out LuraTech to see their stuff.

    Mark McKinney