Sunday, September 20, 2009

Removal of USB Flash Drive

Care should be exercised when removing USB flash drives in order to minimize the chances of data loss or corruption. Prior to removal, all files located on the flash drive should be closed. Windows users can then disconnect the flash drive by executing the “Safely Remove Hardware” command while Mac users can drag the flash drive icon to the wastebasket.

An alternative to the “Safely Remove Hardware” command for Windows users is USB Disk Ejector - a small, free program that allows for instant, quick 1-click ejection of a USB flash drive. It is a no-install program that can be run from anywhere, including the removable USB flash drive itself, and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser for additional information about USB Disk Ejector and to download:


It may be necessary to scroll up a line or so in order to see the beginning of the section: “USB Disk Ejector.” To download, click on “[Download Latest]” following “Current Version: 1.1.2” - unless you want to download the beta version which includes additional features.

USB Disk Ejector will eject any USB or firewire device that windows sees as a disk (including flash drives and external hard drives). It can also eject flash cards from card readers.

When the software download is complete, the following icon will identify USB Disk Ejector:

Clicking on the icon, wherever it is stored (including a flash drive or external hard drive) opens a window on the desktop which shows all of the drives connected to the USB ports. Simply click on the drive to be removed.

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