Thursday, November 5, 2009

What happens to your email and social networking information when you die?

How many of us have given more than a passing thought concerning what will happen to our email or our information on social networking sites after our death ? Whether you have or have not, you might want to read an article on the subject written by Australian resident Andrew Ramadge, Technology Reporter for ""

The article points out that some email providers have policies of retaining data after someone passes away and allowing their next of kin or the executor of their estate to access it. It notes than one well-known email service provider refuses to supply emails to anyone after a user has died but will honor a user’s next of kin’s request for the account to be closed.

Included in the article are the policies of the popular email providers and social networking sites Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and MySpace.

To read the article, copy and paste the following URL into you web browser:


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